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Overview of ABS Ratings

ABS Ratings specializes in providing energy rating reports for both residential and commercial projects in Australia. Their service includes Thermal Performance Assessments using Firstrate 5 software, backed by the accreditation of assessors by ABSA and BDAV. This ensures that the assessments meet all energy efficiency regulations while aligning with the client’s design and budget preferences. Customers can rely on ABS Ratings for compliance with evolving energy efficiency regulations and for finding optimal solutions tailored to their specific projects.

Services Offered

  1. Energy Efficient Design Advice: ABS Ratings assists in designing energy-efficient homes without necessarily increasing construction costs. This includes advice on making houses solar passive, a technique that doesn’t significantly add to construction expenses.

  2. Improving Energy Consumption: The company offers solutions to enhance energy efficiency in homes, even without undertaking renovations. This approach is designed to be cost-effective.

  3. Alterations and Additions: ABS Ratings provides guidance on the type of report needed for alterations or additions to a house. The type of report (energy rating or Deemed to Satisfy report) depends on the extent of the renovation compared to the original structure. They assist in choosing the most appropriate report based on the project’s size, orientation, and other specific requirements.

  4. Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Assessments: These assessments are simpler forms of energy assessments that compare proposed materials against the minimum requirements in the National Construction Code. They are especially useful for partial assessments in residential projects or situations where a 6-star rating might not be suitable.

  5. Energy Saving Design Principles: ABS Ratings educates on various design principles for energy efficiency, including climate-based design, orientation, shading, passive solar heating, passive cooling, home sealing, insulation, skylights, thermal mass, and glazing.

  6. Required Information for Assessments: They provide a detailed guide on the types of drawings and specific information needed for accurate assessments, including site plans, elevations, window details, and specific items for 6-star assessments like site address, insulation preferences, and construction types.

Customer Orientation

  • Collaborative Approach: ABS Ratings works closely with clients, keeping their original design and budget in mind, ensuring compliance with energy efficiency regulations.
  • Expertise and Assurance: The company’s assessors are highly skilled and backed by professional indemnity insurance, with ongoing training and audits, providing a reliable and knowledgeable service.
  • Responsive Service: They offer a quick turnaround time for reports and are proactive in communicating with clients to ensure accurate and efficient assessments.


ABS Ratings emerges as a comprehensive service provider for energy rating assessments, adept at handling both new constructions and renovations. Their expertise in using advanced software, coupled with a deep understanding of energy efficiency regulations and practical design solutions, makes them a valuable partner for individuals and businesses looking to optimize energy efficiency in their building projects.