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What is a home energy rating?

A home energy rating is an estimated calculation into a homes potential energy usage, which will determine the amount of heating and cooling required to make its occupants comfortable. It produces a star rating dependant on the amount of heating and cooling loads which will be required, from 0 to 10 stars.

Why do I need a 6 Star energy rating?

In most Australian states the government requires that all new homes and apartments (along with certain types of building extensions) built since 2010 be energy rated and achieve a minimum of 6 Stars.

What is the general cost of an energy rating?

Simple energy rating prices vary greatly on the size and type of building, generally an energy rating will cost somewhere between $130 to $700+.

What information do I need to supply for an energy rating to be completed?

The information required to complete a full and comprehensive energy report are the following final working drawings: Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, Sections, Lighting layout and window schedule (including sizes of the existing windows).

Does building an extension need an energy rating?

Depended on the size of the extension you are building there is a chance that it too will need to be energy rated. It's always best to check first before going ahead with construction.

How long does the home energy rating take?

Generally there is a fast turnaround of around 2 working days for simple and straight forward home energy ratings, for larger multi-unit developments there are many factors to consider. Generally we find the slowest part is getting all the correct plans and documents supplied to the energy assessor.