Affordable Energy Raters

Preston, Victoria

Contact person
Rachael Stefanis
HERS Assessments,Energy Rating Advice to Clients

Affordable Energy Raters

Location: Preston, Victoria

Contact Person: Rachael Stefanis


Services Offered:

  • HERS Assessments
  • Energy Rating Advice to Clients

Overview: Affordable Energy Raters is a company based in Preston, Victoria, specializing in Home Energy Rating System (HERS) assessments and providing energy rating advice to clients. This service is particularly relevant for those who are building new houses or renovating existing ones, as it helps to ensure that the construction meets certain energy efficiency standards. While specific details about their service offerings, such as pricing, customer experiences, and unique selling points, are not available in the data I accessed, they can be contacted directly via email for more detailed information​【oaicite:0】​.